Sensational performance of our representatives in the Spanish Club Championship, children’s category, held in Galicia between 5 and 11 June. In Betanzos, the boys started with a great victory against TAU Castellón by 85-59, losing only the second quarter by 2 points. And today, Tuesday, they defeated Aranguren from Navarre by 82 to 64, leaving their pass to the national final pending the result of the match between Easo from Guipuzcoa and the aforementioned TAU. Sergio Espinosa’s team was only two baskets away from the San Sebastian team, losing 76-72, in a close final that could have gone our way. However, the team from Alicante was beaten by Easo, which prevented us from achieving a historic result for Cantbasket04.
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For their part, the “warriors” of Presi, after beating the Jesuit team of Tabirako by 56-48 and the Augustinian team of Buen Consejo by 62-47, played the first place against the also unbeaten Centro Natación Helios, achieving the victory by 62-55, after dominating the second and the final quarter. Pérez Liaño, who so far had made a discreet championship, went to the 13 points, 10 rebounds in 34 minutes, with a valuation of +17.
And, if all the players gave their best in the Tournament, it is worth mentioning the regularity of Sonia (107′), Laura (100′) and Elena (92′). Now it’s time to enjoy until Saturday and prepare for the national final.