A total of 50 matches will be played. All teams will play 5, except the finalists, who will play 6. There will be no matches for the 3rd and 4th place and, instead, the 3-point shots will be recovered to qualify for one or the other place. Thus, as already happened in the Municipal Pavilion of Numancia in the V edition, before the finals on Sunday and by drawing lots it will be decided which teams will play at 9:00 am or at 9:15 am. Each team will have 6 shooters and 6 rebounders and, after 5′ of warm-up, during another 5′ the triples will be shot, reaching the 3rd place the team that scores more triples in that time. In case of a tie, the 6 rebounders will shoot a triple each, winning the team that scores more triples in less time.

There will be trophies for the two finalists and medals for all participants, including technicians.