Today, Thursday 1st September, the application period for pre-registration of teams wishing to participate in the VI TIBCS, including those from Cantabria, has begun. After a year of work, the CDE PORTUS VICTORIAE has approached several hundred foreign and Spanish clubs and will continue to do so in the coming days to complete the 24 selected in strict order of application, after payment of payment 1 in October. However, through the Tournament website you will be kept permanently informed about this procedure and other aspects of the Tournament, which will be specified until the start of the Tournament. Some of you have already consulted it and, at your request, this deadline has been extended, as you are still preparing the calendar for the 2022/23 season. Finally, we would like to remind you of the following:

1)Only 24 teams can participate (12+12) including the Cantabrian teams.

2)The international character of the Tournament has already been achieved. We only need to specify the number of foreign teams participating.

3)All the matches will have the presence of 2 referees and 2 members of the score table.

4) The best venues will be used, which will also host the opening ceremony and the finals.

5) The opening ceremony has been under preparation for months to make it spectacular and unforgettable for all those who attend. It is free of charge.

6)Likewise, we are working to ensure that the fraternisation parties for the players, on the one hand, and the coaches, on the other, will take place on Saturday, 1st July, with all the necessary security measures in place.

7) The VI TIBCS will maintain the levels of organisational commitment and seriousness already demonstrated in the last 3 organised by the CDE PORTUS VICTORIAE.

8)The MVP trophies for both sexes will be named after two people who have left their mark on both the Tournament and Cantabrian basketball and will be awarded by the people who best represent them.

9)We would like to thank the Cantabrian Basketball Federation for their support to the project. Without it, it would have been impossible to develop it.

10)The Board of Directors of CDE PORTUS VICTORIAE is at your disposal to solve any doubts you may have and will study any suggestion that may help to improve the objective we are pursuing.