Meet the legends of the tournament! Part 1/4

Based on the information in our possession, a total of 10 children who participated in the International Basketball Tournament Ciudad de Santander (hereinafter, the Tournament), reached the highest levels both in their teams of origin and in other teams, and even at international level. We will review it in four chapters in a random order that seemed to us to be more homogeneous.

In the III edition, whose final was played in the incomparable setting of the Plaza Porticada, the MVP was the Real Madrid player FRANCISCO “KIKO” JIMÉNEZ CORTÉS. A 186 cm. forward, born in the capital of Spain on 5 January 1994 and U16 International, with a brief stint in the EBA League.

In that final, won by a hitherto unbeatable in the Tournament merengue team, Kiko scored 35 points with two spectacular dunks for a child of only 13 years, which lifted the audience from their seats.

Two players from Juventud de Badalona, who also took part in the third edition of the tournament, appear on this list:

ALBERT HOMS AGUILAR. Point guard (180 cm) born in Mataró on 23 May 1994. He made his debut for Juventud on 12 December 2010, being the fourth youngest to do so (202 cm), until 2013.

International U16 in Gijón, he was the MVP of the aforementioned tournament. In the Ragusa Tournament (Italy), he was chosen as the player with the best projection. Fourth place in the European Championship in Montenegro in 2010. Finally, champion at the U18 European Championship in Poland 2011.

AGUSTÍ SANS VALLS: Born in Mahón on 27 February 1995. Point guard (185 cm), who debuted in Juventud at the age of 18 but, immediately, is loaned to other teams of lower level. He is currently part of the Alega Cantabria Club squad (194 cm) in LEB Silver.

International in the U16 and U18 Europeans, being bronze medalist in both cases, and in the U20 where he won two silver medals (Greece 2014 and Italy 2015).

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Meet the legends of the tournament! Part 2/4

ORIOL PAULÍ FORNELLS (175 cm) is Barcelona’s point guard/small forward. Born in Girona on 20 May 1994, runner-up of the III TIBCS, he plays in the ACB from the 2014/15 season (201 cm) until the 2019/20 season in Herbalife Gran Canaria, being champion of the 2016/17 Endesa Supercup, and from this to the current 2021/22 season in Morabanc Andorra. U18 international and silver medalist at the U20 European Championship in Greece.

GUILLEM VIVES TORRENS who, in the ranks of Juventud Badalona, played the V TIBCS, was born in Barcelona on 16 June 1993. In the 2013/14 season he plays as a point guard (192 cm.) in the “peña” and from 2014 to 2021 in Valencia to, in the current season, return to Juventud.

International in U18, gold in Poland, and in U20, bronze in Turkey, undoubtedly his greatest achievements have been the gold in Eurobasket 2015 (France) and bronze in 2017.

MIQUEL SALVÓ LLAMBRICH, born in Villanueva y Geltrú on 3 November 1994, played in the V edition with the champion, Barcelona, 205 cm small forward. After playing for half a dozen teams, including Belgian side Charleroi, he debuted in the Endesa League in the 2019/20 season with San Pablo Burgos, where he also played the following season to be crowned in both as Basketball Champions League champion and with the Intercontinental Cup title. From 8 July 2021 he will play for Herbalife Gran Canaria.

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Meet the legends of the tournament! Part 3/4

DARÍO BRIZUELA ARRIETA has one of the best sporting careers:

Born in San Sebastian on 8 November 1994, shooting guard from Easo with 172 cm. and who with the nickname “La Mamba Vasca” has played for Estudiantes (196 cm) from the 2013/14 to the 2018/19 season and from this to the current 2021/22 season in Unicaja, having achieved as an international the silver medal in the European Under 20, which was played in Greece in 2014. Currently under the orders of Sergio Scariolo, he is eligible for a place in various competitions with the Spanish national team.

With Olimpia Armani Milan, in his only participation, played ANDREA AMATO: Point guard (164 cm) born in Milan on 12 March 1994, he has not enjoyed many minutes in Pallacanestro (190 cm), where he played in his club and in Pistoia in the 2015/16 season, in Cremona in 2016/17 and finally in Varese at the beginning of 2017/18.

Finally, Zan Mark Sisko, a native of Ljubljana (29.6.2017), also played in the IV edition. A 190 cm point guard, he started his professional career with his hometown team Olimpija (2013-15), moving on to Cibona (2015-16) and Koper Primorska (2018-19) with whom he won the Slovenian league and cup.

After his international debut in 2019 and not being drafted in the NBA, he joins his current team, Bayer Munich, with whom he plays in the Euroleague.

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Meet the legends of the tournament! Part 4/4

In the IV edition, the only Croatian player who participated in the Tournament and, for now, plays in the NBA, was part of Drazen Petrovic’s Croatian team: DARÍO SARIC:

Born in Sibenik on 8 April 1994, he is a 2.08 cm power forward for the Phoenix Suns, NBA runners-up in the 2020/21 season. Considered the great hope of Croatian basketball, he declined Baskonia’s 8-year offer to sign for KK Zagreb, which would allow him to be free in 3 seasons if he so wished. The son of former Serbo-Croatian player Predrag Saric, at just 15 years of age he was around two metres tall (197 cm) and could move around any position on the outside line, although in his last year, before the Tournament, he played mainly as a point guard. His good performance in these first years as a player has allowed him to reach the Croatian U-16 National Team with whom he has competed in several international championships. Caja Laboral Baskonia had been following him for a long time and was able to see him live for the first time at the end of the 2007/08 season, when he went as one of the components of the KK Drazen Petrovic team to Cantabria for the Tournament where his team did not have an outstanding performance, being classified in seventh place, but where Saric began to leave details of his quality with remarkable penetrations to the basket and his great physical power and his control of the game with both hands.

After a few months of effort to get a player who even visited Vitoria on several occasions, the Croatian and his entourage decided to opt for the offer of KK Zagreb, which also contemplated a contract for 8 seasons with the possibility of extending the contract up to a decade, being financially superior to that of Zagreb. But finally the player’s desire to stay in his homeland made him sign for the third team in the Croatian league.

At the age of 16 he made his debut for Cibona Zagreb, where he played until 2013. In 2013/14 he won the Croatian League (MVP), the Croatian Cup and the Adriatic League.

Between 2014 and 2016 he played for Efes Pilsen, where he was voted FIBA Best Young Player for the second consecutive season.

With the Croatian national team, he was named MVP at the Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Mannheim and won the gold medal at the European Under-16 Championship in Montenegro and the European Under-18 Championship in Lithuania.

In 2014 he was drafted 12th overall by the Orlando Magic, although it was not until the 2016/17 season that he made his NBA debut with the Philadelphia 75ers, being selected in the rookie quintet. In 2018 he left the 75ers and signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves (2018/19), before joining his current team, the Phoenix Suns, in 2019.

In the first game of the 2020/21 finals, he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. An injury from which he has recovered.

But it was in Philadelphia where he reached the playoffs for the first time and his best numbers in that phase:

  • 32.9 minutes per game
    7.3 rebounds per game
    4 blocks per game

To date he has played a total of 356 games, 205 as a starter (57.6%).

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Kells College makes history at the Spanish Junior Women’s Club Championship

Kells College makes history at the Spanish Junior Women’s Club Championship

Sensational performance of our representatives in the Spanish Club Championship, children’s category, held in Galicia between 5 and 11 June. In Betanzos, the boys started with a great victory against TAU Castellón by 85-59, losing only the second quarter by 2 points. And today, Tuesday, they defeated Aranguren from Navarre by 82 to 64, leaving their pass to the national final pending the result of the match between Easo from Guipuzcoa and the aforementioned TAU. Sergio Espinosa’s team was only two baskets away from the San Sebastian team, losing 76-72, in a close final that could have gone our way. However, the team from Alicante was beaten by Easo, which prevented us from achieving a historic result for Cantbasket04.
Read more on the Club’s website.
For their part, the “warriors” of Presi, after beating the Jesuit team of Tabirako by 56-48 and the Augustinian team of Buen Consejo by 62-47, played the first place against the also unbeaten Centro Natación Helios, achieving the victory by 62-55, after dominating the second and the final quarter. Pérez Liaño, who so far had made a discreet championship, went to the 13 points, 10 rebounds in 34 minutes, with a valuation of +17.
And, if all the players gave their best in the Tournament, it is worth mentioning the regularity of Sonia (107′), Laura (100′) and Elena (92′). Now it’s time to enjoy until Saturday and prepare for the national final.