1.- Categories and dates of birth

  • Male:
    • Under 14: Born after 01/01/2009
  • Females:
    • Under 14: Born after 01/01/2009

In both cases 2 players born after 1.1.2008 can be registered.

2.- Characteristics of the Tournament

  • The VI International Basketball Tournament City of Santander (hereinafter VI TIBCS) will be governed by the rules of the Spanish Basketball Federation in matters not covered by the provisions of this Regulation.
  • It is an open Tournament and free participation.
  • Participation implies compliance with the rules established by the Organization. Coaches and delegates as responsible for each team will ensure compliance.
  • It will have the best venues: Palacio de Deportes, Colegio Público María Blanchard, Municipal Pavilions (Numancia, Cueto, Monte, Tetuán…), Pavilion of the University of Cantabria.
  • Maximum 12 teams per category.
  • A minimum of 5 matches is guaranteed. Finalists will play 6.
  • Competition system:
    • Regular Phase: League System. 4 groups of 3 teams each. 24 matches in total.
    • Consolation Phase: Knockout. 8 matches in total.
      • 9th to 12th places (3rd of each group of the Regular Phase).
    • Final Phase: Knockout. 18 matches in total. There will be no matches for the 3rd and 4th places. Instead, on Sunday, before the finals, a triples tournament will be played, as it was done in the V edition.
      • 1st to 8th places (1st and 2nd of each group of the Regular Phase).
  • The Competition Committee will be formed by three people appointed by the Organization.
  • Referees of the Cantabrian Basketball Federation.
  • Permanent ambulance and first medical assistance at the venues.

3.- Competition rules

3.1 The competition will be played in the phases mentioned above.

3.2 Each team shall consist of a maximum of 12 players and 3 technicians (coach, assistant, delegate, physiotherapist…) for the entire competition. One of them must be in permanent contact with the Tourism Technician of the Organization who, among other things, will advise on leisure activities that the team can combine depending on the schedule of matches.

On Wednesday, June 28, at the ceremony of delivery of documentation and accreditations, the head of each team will provide the Organization a list with identification of players (name and surname, with an * will be indicated the captain, number of dorsal, date of birth, height and ID or passport number) and technicians (name and surname, position and ID or passport number) to record their verification.

3.3 All participating teams must be present at the playing pavilion at least 15 minutes before the time of the match. A copy of the list, which is mentioned in the previous paragraph, must be presented before the start of each match at the scorer’s table and will be collected at the end of the match with the corresponding copy of the scoresheet.

3.4 If at the start time of the match and without cause there is not the minimum number of players required by the rules (5) on the court, the match will be forfeited by 0-20 to the team violating this rule. In case of recidivism the team will be disqualified from the Tournament.

3.5 Each team may register a maximum of two players born after 1.1.2008 for the entire Tournament.

3.6 Four periods shall be played as follows:

  • The first 3 will last 12 minutes each without stopping the clock, except for personal fouls with free throws, time outs and making the change of a player injured, disqualified or who has committed 5 personal fouls.
  • The last one will last 10 minutes with a stopped clock.
  • On the other hand, the finals of each category will be played in 4 periods of 10 minutes with stopped time.

3.7 The break between the 1st and 2nd and 3rd and 4th periods will last 1 minute and between the 2nd and 3rd 5 minutes. All this on the same field. The referees shall ensure compliance with these deadlines.

3.8 Each team is entitled to a time-out of 1 minute in each period and in each overtime. The time-out not used in a period cannot be accumulated for another period.

3.9 In case of a tie at the end of a game, an overtime of 3 minutes will be played without a break, without stopping the clock, except for personal fouls with free throws, time-outs and change of a player. If at the end of this period the tie persists, 3-minute extensions will continue to be played without stopping the clock until the tie is broken. In the Finals of the categories, the FEB rules for this case shall be applied.

3.10 During the celebration of the matches, only the persons listed in the document mentioned in point 3.2 above may occupy the bench. The coaches shall carry the corresponding accreditation. If one of them is expelled, must immediately leave the field and the bench and move to the stands and even leave the pavilion if the referee requires it.

3.11 Each team shall participate with two uniforms of different colors, specifying which is the first. On the back of all the shirts shall be the number of the player, which must match the number appearing on the score sheet. In case of matching uniforms, the visiting team (2nd in the statement of the match), must change jersey. The color of the teams’ kits will be available on the Tournament website.

3.12 Each team will have to bring their own balls for warm-up before the matches. The game ball will be provided by the Organization.

3.13 The equality of points at the end of the 1st Phase will be resolved in the following terms:

a) If the tied teams are two, the result of the match played between them shall be taken into account.

b) If there are more than two, the classification shall be made taking into account, firstly, the points (wins/losses) obtained in the matches played between them. Secondly, the difference in the score difference, for and against, of the matches played between them shall be applied. If the tie persists, it would be resolved in favor of the team with the highest favorable score during those matches. From this point on, it would be necessary to go first to the overall score difference and, if applicable, to the highest favorable score made in all the matches of that phase.

3.14 The FEB rules shall apply in all matters not provided for above.

3.15 If a player is expelled during a match for a disqualifying foul, he/she will not be allowed to play the next match and, in case of recurrence, he/she will be disqualified from the Tournament.

3.16 Unsportsmanlike or antisocial behavior (incorrect protests of the referees’ decisions, confrontation with opposing teams or with the public, etc.) of players and/or coaches, both inside and outside the playing pavilion, will be sanctioned by the Competition Committee and, depending on the seriousness of the case, they may be disqualified and expelled from the Tournament. In case of expulsion of a team from the Tournament, which will be communicated to the National Federation of the country or, where appropriate, to the corresponding Autonomous Region, no reimbursement of any economic amount will be made.

The delegates of the teams will be responsible for the attitude and behavior of their players and coaches towards the referees, teammates, opponents, public, organization, as well as the use made of the sports facilities (locker rooms, benches, etc.), facing the responsibilities arising from any damage or destruction that their players or coaches produce in them.

3.17 Any claim must be made in writing and submitted by the team delegate to the Tournament Competition Committee within a maximum period of 1 hour from the end of the match, making at that time the payment of 30 € as a fee for this service. This amount will be returned to the interested party, if the decision is favorable.

3.18 No claims will be accepted on the referees. The referee is the highest authority on the court and is empowered to suspend a match, if the behavior and unsportsmanlike attitude of any team makes it advisable.

3.19 The Competition Committee shall consist of three persons appointed by the Organization. It shall have its headquarters in the Residence that hosts the Tournament. It will meet every day after the end of the matches with those responsible for the venues, in order to analyze all incidents that have occurred during the day. It will resolve complaints and impose sanctions on unsportsmanlike or antisocial behavior shown by players or coaches during the Tournament. Their decisions are final and will be published in the evening on the Tournament website.

3.20 The Organization reserves the right to make changes in the schedule of matches, both in terms of the division of groups, schedules and venues. The information of the changes will be notified to the responsible of each team. All changes will appear on the Tournament website, which will be the official form in which such changes will be made.

3.21 Mixed teams will not be admitted.

4.- Internal rules

4.1 Each team has the obligation to be informed through the continuous updates of the Tournament website about, among other things, its schedule of matches and, consequently, the color of the equipment with which they must play, meal times, as well as the main activities of the Tournament of compulsory presence (Opening Ceremony, Party of all participants and Closing Ceremony).

4.2 The Tournament Organization is not responsible for accidents that may occur during the Tournament, nor for any theft or loss suffered by any participant. It is considered that all these risks are covered by the participating teams through federative insurance (until June 30 / September), private insurance or Social Security. Each participant must have the corresponding health card.

4.3 Image rights: All participants in the VI Tournament will cede to CDE PORTUS VICTORIAE, as organizer of that, the image rights to the Organization arising from their participation in the event. Consequently, the CDE PORTUS VICTORIAE may disseminate, exhibit, transfer or sell any of the images and / or photographs obtained with the conditions it deems appropriate without any participant having the right to demand any monetary compensation. To this effect, all participants expressly authorize CDE PORTUS VICTORIAE to disseminate such images and/or photographs in any magazine, exhibition, association, web page, leaflet, etc. as it sees fit.

Such authorization is expressly understood to be issued by the parents or guardians of underage participants, as such consent is understood to be granted when registering the minor under guardianship or authorized in the VI Tournament, since the same implies acceptance of these rules and / or conditions.

All this in accordance with the provisions of both the Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, Civil Protection of the Right to honor, personal and family privacy, and self-image and the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and any other rule that complement or modify them.

4.4 Registration and, therefore, participation in the Tournament implies compliance with the rules established by the Organization, as well as compliance with the decisions of the Competition Committee, whose fundamental mission is to ensure its successful development. It is requested for it the maximum possible collaboration by coaches and delegates as responsible for each team.

Each club will be responsible for the behavior of their players, companions and family members, both on and off the field. In the case of the Residence, the accommodation is shared with other people of the Tournament, who deserve all our respect. A bad behavior in it can lead the management of the same to terminate the services of accommodation and food, a decision in which the Tournament Organization can not take part.

Institutional collaborators

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Gobierno de Cantabria
Instituto municipal de deportes de Santander