Get to know the beaches of the city

El Sardinero

At the time, the first beach of Sardinero was where the nobility went and where they enjoyed the ‘Baños de Ola’. It has more than 2,800 m of surface and a pleasant promenade.

Separated from the First by the Piquío Gardens, if the first beach was that of the nobility, the Second was reserved for the common people. It is the largest beach in the municipality and has all the services and a children’s play area.

Los Peligros

The closest to the city center. Although there are several theories about its name, the most accepted is the one that refers to the danger for ships due to the shallow depth of the waters, which can run aground. It has parking, a walkway that reaches La Magdalena and floating platforms for the game.

El Camello

It owes its name to the rock to the right of the beach that looks like a camel in profile, easily visible when the tide is low. This beach is frequented by families and paddle players, a sport that is played all year round in Santander. It has a good number of services, including parking and a bar.


Famous for being the first in Santander in which a woman in a bikini was seen for the first time, hence its name. With calm waters and a gentle breeze, it has all the services. It is accessed through La Magdalena.

La Magdalena

At the foot of the Magdalena Peninsula, it has all the services and has the added value of having a large lawn area. Its location, sheltered by the bay, makes it the ideal beach for families with children.


Located in a cove surrounded by cliffs, it can only be accessed via stairs that go up a steep slope. Despite this, it has a high occupancy due to the views, which are impressive.

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