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The economic situation has been marking, as it happens in other championships and in life itself, the financing of the TIBCS, which went from 16 to 8 teams in 2010. The CDE Portus Victoriae and its organization by 4 couples united by basketball , obtained a final balance of almost €0, once ALL EXPENSES had been paid to the participating teams, including stays for more days than those of the competition at Zalgiris and Maccabi.
The Sports Palace and the Municipal Pavilion of Numancia were the headquarters of the VTIBCS Sub15. Students who, at the last minute, replaced Real Madrid, Juventud de Badalona and Zalgiris Kaunas showed their strength throughout it. Thus, those from Serrano Street beat CAI in the first round by 62-51, the Youth of Bienvenu Letuni (15 years old and 2.24 m) beat the Israeli team, Barcelona beat Valencia and Zalgiris beat the Municipal School of Sports by 87-59
In the semifinals, Ramiro de Maeztu’s men beat Valencia by a tight 80-78. While this was happening at the Palacio de Deportes, in Numancia the public vibrated with the confrontation between the two Catalan teams. Despite the fact that Peña entered the last quarter with a three-point advantage, in the end, they beat Barcelona by another tight score: 80-76
The Municipal Sports School of Santander avoided last place by beating the historic Maccabi 69-68, while the Lithuanians beat CAI for 5th place by 69-53. This classification of the two foreign teams demonstrates the very high level of the Spanish quarries. All this, topped off by the Santander team with the runner-up in triples in Numancia, before playing the final, about to give the surprise against Barcelona, ​​who also won this trophy.
Third place went to Juventud, who beat Valencia 102-87. Adriá Puch, who achieved the best average of points/game with 25.6, could not avoid that result.
Barcelona, ​​for the second consecutive year, was proclaimed champion by beating Estudiantes 88-73. The student Sebastián Krueger was chosen MVP.
The attendance of the public increased, as the days went by, with special reference to the behavior of the fans from Maños, again, and from Madrid, despite the fact that the latter joined the tournament at the last minute.

Clasificación V Torneo Internacional de Baloncesto Ciudad de Santander

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